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I'm a 22 year old affiliate marketeer, I'm also attending university studying for a degree in Business Marketing and Advertising.

Toning Up Your Muscles

These days as many women want to tone up their muscles as well as lose weight. A toned body can carry off holding a little more extra weight while still be pleasing on the eye. Slendertone reviews is a website … Continue reading

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High Protein Diets Explained

A lot of people always ask me “why is protein important?” The answer is the same every time! Protein is the building block of the body and without protein we cannot repair our cells, muscles or tissue. The reason people … Continue reading

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Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Diet is an extremely important factor when it comes to exercise! Get it right and you will see the results you have always wanted, get it wrong however and you will be left wondering why all your hard work in … Continue reading

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Protein and Muscle growth

Protein shakes contain nutrients that are needed daily by the body. It is vital for muscle growth and repair in the body. Although other vitamins and nutrients are required by the muscles, protein is directly responsible for muscle tissue growth.  … Continue reading

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